Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence law and the term “domestic violence” usually refer to crimes involving domestic abuse such as child abuse and child neglect, spousal abuse or domestic-partner abuse, and elder abuse. Domestic abuse isn’t just physical. It also covers threats, emotional abuse, harassment, and stalking. McLean & Mitchell domestic violence attornies specialize in protecting the rights of those charged with domestic violence charges in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Plant City, New Port Richey and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Domestic Violence Attorney – A Clear Definition

The definition of domestic violence includes abusive relationships where physical violence, threatened violence, and/or other forms of abuse exist.

These relationships include:

  • Spousal
  • Separated or Divorced
  • Cohabitant
  • Dating
  • Children in common

Domestic Violence and the Harmful Effects On Children

Children can be the victims of domestic violence, either directly or indirectly. When a child is the victim of physical striking, verbal abuse, threats, or sexual misconduct, domestic violence charges are likely.

However, children do not have to be the direct recipients of the violence but only have to be present during the abuse for child endangerment charges to be justified. Child endangerment is the abuse a child suffers when witnessing domestic violence. Child endangerment is a serious crime and charged under the Florida domestic violence laws.

Violence directed at loved ones is against the law. In Florida, this type of abuse is considered domestic violence and can be charged, depending on the extent of the violence & type of injury, as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

Florida is very aggressive in prosecuting these cases and a person accused of domestic violence should never attempt to handle the case without the assistance of an experienced criminal domestic violence attorney.

Domestic Violence – You Can’t ‘Drop the Charges’

Once charged with domestic violence, it is very difficult to get the charges dropped; no matter how hard your loved one may fight.

In many Florida domestic violence cases, especially with spousal abuse, once an arrest has been made a Prosecutor will take over the case. When this happens, even if the victim wants to forgive and forget, the victim is simply a witness and must take a back seat while the Prosecutor moves ahead with the criminal case.

Having a skilled domestic violence lawyer in your corner is your best means of defense. Schedule a Free Consultation with the attorneys at McLean & Mitchell.