Are you facing a charge for drug trafficking? Find out how much jail time you should expect from the experienced drug trafficking defense lawyers at McLean Mitchell.

Daily news headlines show the stark consequences of drug trafficking between thousands of dollars in fines and years of jail time. Depending on the type and amount of the drug, the penalties and jail time for drug trafficking charges vary. A judge will examine how you intended to sell, purchase, manufacture, deliver, or transport the drug into or within Florida. Harsher penalties can come into play if you have a previous criminal record or other extenuating circumstances.

When your reputation, livelihood, and life is on the line like this, a drug trafficking defense attorney should be contacted promptly to hear your side of the story, discuss what results you want to achieve, and help you create a solid legal plan to lessen the drug trafficking charges if not get them dropped. An experienced criminal defense law firm will review the federal or state charges, examine the police report, and review how the authorities seized the drugs. Oftentimes, a warrant can be invalid, recording devices were used illegally, or there is no substantial evidence that your intent was to deliver or sell the drugs.

Drug trafficking charges carry a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 3 to 30 years and fines from $50,000 to more than $500,000. Other aggravating or mitigating factors such as past criminal history, drug trafficking near a school, use of a firearm in drug trafficking, any deaths or serious injuries as a result of the drug, and the type and amount of drug in question can increase jail time for drug trafficking as well as fines. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, a Florida criminal defense lawyer will review your options to lessen the charges.

Authorities will sometimes agree to a plea deal if you are able to help them with a bigger investigation and drop the lesser charges if you plead guilty to the larger charge. Some individuals are able to get charges dropped if they become a police informant. Charges can also be dismissed if there is evidence of law enforcement misconduct such as lying, coercing suspects, falsifying information, or a search without a warrant. A thorough criminal defense attorney will explore every angle of your case and will help protect your rights throughout this stressful time.

The drug trafficking defense lawyers at McLean & Mitchell are here to protect you from these pivotal moments that could hurt your livelihood for decades to come. With a successful track record of dismissals and knowledge of Florida’s criminal justice system from being former state prosecutors, McLean & Mitchell have helped thousands of clients during this challenging time. Get a free initial legal case review by contacting us today.