Have you been convicted of drug trafficking in the state of Florida? Find out all you need to know from the experienced attorneys at McLean Mitchell.

Drug trafficking is a serious offense and it’s not always career criminals or ruthless individuals like you see in the movies or on TV that can get caught. Sometimes it is innocent people who need their rights upheld and don’t deserve being arrested that get caught in the crosshairs. Due to the complexities of drug trafficking offenses in Florida, it’s best to find a highly experienced drug trafficking lawyer to help you navigate the system.

Drug Trafficking Considerations in Florida

The term drug trafficking includes a host of actions, from transport, delivery, and the sale of controlled substances to manufacturing, importing, purchasing, or possession of illegal drugs. Charges increase when the weight of the substance exceeds legal limits, and prosecution can escalate to the federal versus state level depending on the allegations. Prior convictions on a person’s record can also create harsher penalties. A knowledgeable drug trafficking attorney can help accused individuals throughout the process by understanding their options, establishing a solid legal defense, and protecting their rights. Drug trafficking penalties can affect future employment and federal rights, so consult a drug trafficking law firm promptly after the issue arises.

Proving drug trafficking mandates that the perpetrator knowingly had an illegal controlled substance. If a person is not aware that they have an illegal drug or thinks that it is legal, this does not constitute drug trafficking in Florida. If the person is aware and has intent to sell or deliver the illegal drug for commercial purposes, then it rises to the level of a criminal felony charge. All assets related to drug trafficking can be seized too, such as cars, bank accounts, or properties used in the crime.

Your Rights When Accused of Drug Trafficking

When dealing with law enforcement, it’s important to remember that you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of your property and yourself. If they did not have probable cause or did not obtain a warrant, this could be a scenario of illegal search and seizure. If the authorities have abused their power, a drug trafficking lawyer can file relevant motions to not allow the illegally obtained evidence to be shown. Law enforcement can also go too far and force a crime to occur during a sting operation or with a confidential informant, which is called entrapment. A skilled drug trafficking attorney can move to have the case dismissed or acquitted due to this wrongdoing by the authorities.

Hiring a drug trafficking lawyer in Florida is well worth it to lessen or remove harsh penalties, jail or prison time, and loss of your rights, including losing your driver’s license. Florida has some of the toughest laws in the country due to the drug epidemic, even when it comes to trafficking prescription drugs. The stakes are high when you are facing a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment in jail or prison, so you want to confide in a drug trafficking attorney with all the facts and circumstances of your case to help clear your name.

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